Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation Wikia

'Objects' is the in-game term for all buildings, furniture, facilities, work stations and decorations that Survivors can Build. They are distinct from Equipment which refers to the items survivors may craft. Objects are the infrastructure of the colony: they are necessary to sleep, produce Food and resources, heal the injured, research technologies, perform rituals, train, protect the base and craft Items.

List of Objects[]

Alchemy Table Hell Forge Sandbags
Aloe Vera Farm Herb Garden Sawmill
Arcane Foundry Holy Forge Sheep Farm
Barrel Wall Holy Altar Spike Barricade
Bed Infirmary Stone Circle
Blood Ruby Mine Log Cabin Stone House
Bunker Lookout Post Stove
Companion Farm Magic Circle Survivor's Grave
Computer Station Metal Mine Tech Workshop
Cotton Farm Mineral Mine Training Area
Dark Altar Occult Enclosure Tree
Diamond Mine Occult Library Vegetable Farm
Experiment Table Occult WorkStation Weapons Workshop
Food Table Occult WorkStation Well
Furnace Philosopher's Stone Wheat Farm
Geologist Station Rainwater Collector Work Bench
Guard Tower Reliquary