Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation Wikia

Millenia of vicious selective breeding, grooming, training and simply pure exposure to the dark energies of Hell have turned a specific breed of Hellhounds into something much, much worse. The Cerberus.

Bred for the sole purpose of guarding the gates of Hell, and possessing an undying loyalty to their individual demon lord, the Cerberus is a feared and respected member of Hell denizens.

Boiling Blood: Similar to the Caorthannach's attack, a Cerberus strike does damage to the surrounding, causing additional 50% splash damage to all other survivors in range 1.

In Judgment, they are a Tier IV enemy who can be found in map locations or take part in base attacks.


  • The Cerberus does more damage per second than any other demon. Do not let them get close!
  • The Cerberus is the only common enemy in the game capable of doing splash damage with a melee strike. It is capable of doing horrible damage to multiple tanks, so if you have to tank them, tank them alone.
  • Cerberus corpses can be harvested for AetherAether
  • The Cerberus, like its lesser cousin the HellHound, attacks in large groups. It also has low health but high evasion - making them especially vulnerable to grenades and explosive attacks.