Combat Shotguns are fierce, short-range menaces. Their advanced design allows for faster firing rate than made-for-hunting cousins, the Shotguns.

Unlike the standard shotgun, this more powerful variant does not require any special skill to use. It is the first weapon in the game that offers splash damage without requiring any special skill. Like the standard shotgun, however, it does deliver 50% Splash Damage over a radius of 1

In Judgment, the combat shotgun is a tier IV weapon that Survivors can craft and use in combat.

Tips Edit

  • Combat Shotguns are a force of sheer destruction. With extremely high DPS they make minced meat of even the toughest of enemies
  • Shotguns deliver 50% splash damage over a radius of 1, making them effective against a large group of enemies as well.
  • However, their low rate of fire, moderate accuracy, and limited range makes them less effective against some of the longer-ranged enemies.