Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation Wikia

Copper has always been a part of human civilization - it's one of the easiest metals to refine and smelt, and the first recorded uses of it date back to 8000 BC. It is no surprise, then, it is the first metal to be seriously used after the Apocalypse, with the metallurgical arts being rediscovered.

Copper is key in the crafting of weapon parts, used in the creation of many weapons. Copper is also used directly in a few Tier II to IV weapons, such as the coilgun.

In Judgment, copper is a Tier I scavenged crafting material that can be obtained during combat missions, and used for crafting.

Skill Bonus: Mining


Worldobject miningtown

Copper can only be found in Mining Town locations, deep within desert biomes.