Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation Wikia
Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation Wikia

The result of the unholy merger of our best scientific and occult knowledge, the Damnator is nothing short of a hand cannon that fires concentrated arcane energy.

The Damnator, along with its cousin the Plasma Charger, are both the first weapons in the game considered to be both an occult and a tech weapon. They require the survivor has EITHER the Rare Tech Weapons Skill or the Rare Occult Weapons Skill.

In addition, the Damnator enjoys bonuses and modifiers from both the Dark Weapons and Tech Weapons skill trees.

Name Hexing Attack
On Hit -20% Accuracy, -15% Attack Speed
Duration 3

This is an exceptionally unwieldy weapon - as such, it reduces a survivor's Walk Speed and Evasion by 20%.

In Judgment, the Damnator is a Tier V weapon that Survivors can craft and use in combat.


  • In the hands of the Academic, the Damnator can be especially dangerous, as it is the only profession that can specialize in both Dark Weapons and Tech Weapons. Maximize both to gain stacking bonuses to damage, accuracy and attack speed.
  • Its pathetic range coupled with speed penalty makes it very hard to utilize well. A Minigun will outperform it in nearly every possible scenario.