The demogorgon, one of the most powerful demons in Hell, was created with one purpose in mind - to fight the future wars of Hell as the most elite frontline shock troop. Its visage and speed are so terrifying that even the most resilient of hearts is struck with fear when a demogorgon charges at them.

Fear Aura: All survivors at range 2 from the Demogorgon will become Fearful. They will suffer from a reduction of -15% to Attack Speed and -35% to Walk Speed, as long as they are in range.

In Judgment, a demogorgon is a Tier V enemy who can be found in map locations or take part in base attacks.

Tips Edit

  • The Demogorgon is one of the most powerful demons in the game.
  • The Demogorgon's accuracy is the highest in the game - its attacks can almost never miss. Since it also does a significant amount of damage per attack and causes the fear aura, the demogorgon cannot easily be tanked.
  • The demogorgon almost moves very rapidly so escaping or kiting it is pretty much impossible.
  • It is far less scary than it looks. Against survivors equipped with tier-appropriate weapons, it tends to go down before it can take a single swing.
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