Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation Wikia

Originally from heaven, now leading the forces of hell. No one knows what caused their fall from grace, or whether it was a choice they made. Fallen Angels are a hideous perversion of angels... But unfortunately, they retained their unnaturally advanced archery skill.

Like the Legion, the Fallen Angel ranks only in the upper middle of Hell's hierarchy - but it is highly specialized and powerful, having advantages no other demon has.

In Judgment, the Fallen Angel is a tier III enemy who can be found in map locations or take part in base attacks.


  • Fallen Angels have the highest range of any demon in the game. With their high accuracy, they are almost guaranteed to hit. However, their attacks cause relatively little damage. Use heavily armored tanks to close the distance and kill them up close - or try to out-shoot them using sniper rifles.
  • They drop Holy WordsHoly Words when they die.