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The Incinerator is a highly refined and improved flamethrower. It uses highly pressurized gas chambers to make the weapon itself lighter and less bulky, and its space-age composite build makes it safer to use - for the wielder, at least.

The incinerator is considered both a Tool Weapon. It has a splash damage attack, delivering 50% of the damage to all enemies in radius 1 from the target. All enemies that suffer damage also suffer from the on-hit Burning Attack effect.

Name Burning Attack
On Hit, AOE +15% Walk Speed, +15% Damage Taken
Duration 3

In Judgment, an incinerator is a Tier V weapon that Survivors can find in world locations and use in combat.


  • The Incinerator is the only weapon in the game that has an AOE on-hit effect. Use this wisely.
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