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While the technology to create powerful laser beams has been harnassed dozens of years before the Apocalypse, it was recent developments in the months preceding Judgment day that allowed for the creation of energy weapons powerful enough to cut through steel but mobile enough to be able to be carried by troops. A few of these prototypes are still scattered across the world.

The Laser Rifle is the first Tech Weapon that survivors may obtain that does not require the Rare Tech Weapons Skill to use. Despite its name, it is NOT a rifle and does not gain benefits from rifle-related skills and modifiers.

Name Focused Shot
Active Target suffers 65 damage
Range 15
Uses 1

In Judgment, a laser rifle is a Tier IV weapon that Survivors can find and use in combat.


  • The Laser Rifle is a highly versatile rifle that could be used by non-fighters such as Engineers without them needing to specialize in the Tech Weapons skill tree.
  • Use the Focused Shot to take down an enemy being they can get close to your party. It can kill many demons with a single shot.
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