Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation Wikia

The Legion is a huge hulk of a demon, they are massive, powerful, slow and heavily armored. Weaker weapons can barely penetrate their hide.

While a legion is only a mid-rank demon, in many ways they are exceptional and can surpass even the lords of hell.

In Judgment, they are a Tier III enemy who can be found in map locations or take part in base attacks.


  • Legions operate as "bullet-sponges". It's best to stay clear of them and target just about anything else before taking them down.
  • Legions are the slowest enemies in the game. They also have the highest level of armor and lowest level of evasion.
  • The Legion's armor can block up to 70% of the damage comparable weapons can do. Selecting hard-hitting weapons, or those with armor piercing, to kill them quicker.
  • Legions drop DemoniteDemonite and ClothCloth when they die.