Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation Wikia

Liches are the embodiment of powerful dead witches' souls, escaped from hell and now wreck havoc on earth. They are very dangerous beings, with medium armor and evasion, and ranged attacks.

Freezing Blast: The Lich hits you with a surge of dark energy, that leaves everyone weak and unnaturally chill to their very bones. The attack does 20% splash damage to all survivors in range 1 from the target. In addition, all affected survivors suffer from -10% reduction to their movement speed, attack speed, and evasion attributes, for 5 seconds.

In Judgment, they are a tier IV enemy who can be found in map locations or take part in base attacks.


  • Liches attacks are both powerful and possess an exceptionally dangerous ranged attack. Be careful!
  • The lich's only weakness is their relatively short range.
  • They drop AetherAether when perished.