None today knows the secret of the mechanized plates - it is an invention that by all rights should not work. An intricate arrangement of springs and cogwheels acts as a primitive power-suit, allowing the wearer a reasonable measure of mobility despite its weight.

This is the first tech armor in the game, requiring the Rare Tech Armor skill to wear. Equipping the mechanized plates give you +15% to all Tech Weapon's Attack Speed.

In Judgment, a holy armor is a rare Tier II armor that Survivors can find and use in combat.

Tips Edit

  • Despite its merely middling stats in term of armor, evasion, and health, the Mechanized Plates bonus to tech weapons is so exceptional it may be worth keeping this armor till end-game and use it in conjunction with high range tech weapons such as the Laser Rifle and Beam Cannon.
  • The bonus from the mechanized plates can allow a tech-oriented survivor, such as an Engineer, a chance to close the gap in damage performance.
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