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Auras Edit

Units with auras automatically apply Status Effects on friends or foes (or both) around them.

Auras can belong to Enemies or to equippable Items.

Aura Properties Edit

Auras have the following properties

Property ID Meaning Comments
range The area of effect of the aura.
square Whether or not the range is a square. Optional, default false.

When true, diagonals are counted as 1 instead of 1.44 when calculating the aura's range.

targetmode Who is affected by the aura Possible values:

AnyUnit, Enemy, Ally

When AnyUnit or Ally - the aura affects it's owner as well.

targettag Tags that are affected by the aura. Optional, when empty everyone is affected regardless of tags.

Multiple tags can be used by using the "<tag>=true" format:


By default enemies are tagged with either "demon" or "human", and survivors are tagged with either "male" or "female".

Survivors are also tagged with whatever their equipment is tagged (melee, bow, darkweapon, etc)

effect The Status Effects applied by this aura. Several effects can be used by using the "<effectID>=true" format:
prefab Visual prefab that is displayed on units with this aura. Optional.

See original Enemy and Item configs for possible values.

Syntax Edit

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