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Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation Wikia

This article is updated for Update 14.

Modding Crafting Recipes[]

Crafting recipes are defined in the items file Items.txt. To learn more about defining the item stats, see Modding: Items.

Crafting recipes define the amount crafted, costs, requirements and other information about crafting an item.

Crafted Item[]

The crafted item is determined by the crafting recipe ID. The crafting recipe and item must have the same ID.



both the item and the crafting recipe have the ID "scraps".

For more information about defining the items themselves, see Modding: Items.

Crafted Amount[]

You may define how many of the item will be crafted per batch. This value is optional, default is 1.



Every time a crafting task is completed, 2 holy water are created.

Work Amount[]

You must define how much work the crafting recipe requires to create.


Creating one batch of composites will take 40 time units (roughly 20 game minutes with 100% productivity)


Crafting recipes may have three different requirements:

  • Research
  • Workstation
  • Skills



In the example above, crafting "blessedpistol" only becomes available when "sacredcrafting" is researched.

The crafting itself takes place in the "holyforge", and requires the survivor performing the task to have a skill that unlocks the crafting of recipes tagged "holycrafting".

Note: When adding tags you must define their display name in the file Texts.txt using the following format:

tags.holycrafting.name=Holy Items

For more information see Modding: Research and Modding: Skills.

Defining new workstations is not supported at the moment. You may only use existing workstations.

Crafting Costs[]

You may define the resources required to craft the item. If left empty, crafting the item will not cost any resources, and only take time to make (like in scraps).



Crafting a batch of "weaponparts" costs 5 "scraps" and 5 "metals"

Other Parameters[]

You may define the default crafting priority of each recipe using the following format:


When a game starts, the crafting of all recipes are organized in ascending order, where an item with lower priority value will get higher priority (priority 1 will be crafted before priority 2). This only affects the starting priorities.

You may define if autocraft is enabled by default for this recipe:


When a new game starts, by default, the "salad" recipe will have autocraft enabled with a minimum value of 30, and a maximum value of 50.