This article is updated for Alpha 12.

Modding Global Effects Edit

Global effects are defined in the Effects.txt file.

In this file you can define the global effects that are unlocked via research, and provide various bonuses to your entire colony.

See Modding: Research for more information on how to define which effects a research subject unlocks.

Effect Icon Edit

You may define the name of the icon to represent the effect in the research unlocks screen. This value is optional, and defaults to "effect_waterconservation" where "waterconservation" is the effect's ID.



In the example above, the image named "effect_gatherefficiency" will be used to represent the "gatherefficiency" effect. This is also the default value for the "gatherefficiency" effect. This is useful when you want to show the same icon for several effects.

Effect images are normally 256x256 pixels.

See Modding: Adding Images to Mods for more information on how to add new images.

Defining the Bonuses Edit

The bonuses of the global effect are defined using the following format:


In this example, the "gatheringefficiency" effect provides a bonus of 10% to chop, search, gatherwater, mine and quarry.

See Modding: Effect Values for more information on available bonuses.