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Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation Wikia

This article is updated for Alpha 12.

Localization File[]

All texts that are displayed to the player are defined in the configuration file Texts.txt, and tutorials are defined in Help.txt.

Additional language files are called Texts-[LANG ID] and Help-[LANG ID]. The languages themselves are defined in Languages.txt.

Content Mods[]

Mods that add new entities such as research subjects and items, must add matching texts for the entity names to the Texts.txt file. In order for the mod to be work in additional languages, add the entry to all language files.

See the specific guides to determine the format for each such entity.

Translation Mods[]

To create a translation mod, see Creating a Translation Mod - Step by Step

Format Entries[]

Some entries in this file are text formats and not simple texts. Those formats have placeholders in them, that are then replaced with relevant values by the game.

general.duration.format=Duration: {0}

The above example is the format for displaying status effect durations. The {0} in the format is replaced by the actual duration of the status effect.


Some texts contain newlines within them, using the "\n" character sequence.

These are usually texts displayed in tooltips, and they are split into several lines on purpose. Removing the newline characters may result in a tooltip that is displayed as one very long line of text instead of a small text box.

This may be automatically resized in future updates, but for now is controlled by the text itself.