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This article is updated for Alpha 12.

ModConfig File[]

For a folder in the Mods directory to be a valid mod, it must have the ModConfig.json file, and the file must be a valid JSON.

Even an empty JSON will be accepted (you can then use the Mod Upload Tool to edit the missing information, if you prefer not to modify the JSON file yourself).

{ }

The ModConfig file provides Judgment and the Mod Upload Tool with metadata about the mod, such as it's title, description and tags. It also contains a unique identifier for Steam Workshop, which is created automatically by the mod upload tool, and should not be edited manually.

Note: If you copy the ModConfig.json from another mod, be sure to delete the uid line, or it will replace the other mod when you try to upload it to Steam.

ModConfig Format[]

ModConfig.json must be a valid JSON file, and may contain the following fields:

Field Description Comments
title Mod's name Appears in Steam Workshop and in Judgment's mod list
desc Mod's description Appears in Steam Workshop and in Judgment's mod list
uid Workshop unique identifier Generated automatically when uploading to Steam Workshop

Do not modify this value.

Do not copy this value from other ModConfig files.

visibility Mod's visibility in Steam Workshop See Modding: Steam Workshop for more information
creator Name of creator This name will appear in Judgment's mod list.

The name in Steam Workshop will the creator's steam profile name.

tags Comma separated list of tags These will appear in Steam Workshop


	title: "Aliens Example Mod",
	desc: "A sample mod to demonstrate Judgment's modding capabilities.
Not intended for use by players.",
	visibility: "0",
	creator: "Tomer",
	tags: "test,aliens,items,locations",