This article is updated for Update 15.1.

Modding ProfessionsEdit

Professions are defined in the file Professions.txt.

In this file, you can define the different professions, how likely a survivor is to get a profession, and the different skills available for each profession - level up skills and starting skills.

See Modding: Skills for more information on how to define the skills themselves.

Note: Every profession must have its display name defined in the localization file Texts.txt using the following format:

Generate Chance Edit

You may define how likely a profession is to be selected for a survivor.


A survivor has a chance of "1" to get the engineer profession. Chances are relative to other professions, so a profession value 2 is twice as likely to be chosen than a profession with value 1.

This value is optional, and the default is 1.

Starting SkillsEdit

By default, there are three starting skill sets:

  • General Skills
  • Profession Specific Skills
  • Negative Skills

Every survivor gets a certain amount of skills in each set. See Modding: Skills on how to define the amount of starting skills per set.

Each profession may define which starting skills are available per set, and how likely a survivor is to receive one of those skills.



All starting skills are defined under the "skills". The skills node contains for each starting skill set, a list of skills that are available for this profession. In the example above, the skills available for the "profskill" set for the fighter profession, are "gangster", "gunenthusiast" and "exconvict".

The parents value of "professions.base.common" defines all the common general and negative skills. By using it as parent, a profession doesn't need to define all those skills, only those it wants to override. In the example above, "hippie", "vegan", "weak" and "coward" skills are overridden to be disabled, so a fighter cannot get those starting skills regardless of what is defined in "professions.base.common".

The chance of each skill within a set depends on the skill's category. See Modding: Skills for more information on defining starting skill categories.

Level Up SkillsEdit

For each profession, define which skill lists are available to improve by spending skill points, that are gained by leveling up survivors.


In this example, a priest may improve one of 8 skill categories by spending skill points. These are "build", "farming", "rituals", "damage", "stalwart", "toolweapon", "darkweapon" and "holyweapon".

See Modding: Level Up Skills for information on defining which skills specifically are gained in each rank of these lists.