This article is updated for Alpha 12.

Skill nodes are located in Skills.txt and used to define survivor skills.

Skill Node Edit

These values may be added inside the skill node

effect (optional) Edit

The effect node contains all the stats that the skill modifies, such as health, damage and work speed.

See Modding: Effect Node for more information.

unlocks (optional)The unlocks node determines which crafting recipes, building blueprints or actions this skill unlocks.


unlocks.[craft | build | action].<Unlocked tag>=true

This skill will unlock all craft/build/actions that have the specified tag.

See Modding: Crafting Recipe Nodes for more information on defining locked crafting recipes and tags.

Modding buildings and actions is not yet supported in Alpha 10 .

 Related Files Edit

Texts.txt Skill names must appear in the language file using the skill's ID in the following format:

skills.<Skill ID>.name=Salad

Items.txt Crafting recipes that require specific skills to craft will be defined in this file.