This article is updated for Alpha 10 .

Skills.txt is a mod file that defines all of the skills that survivors may have, and how each skill affects them.

Key HierarchyEdit

  • skills.entity.<skill ID> - this is the base node for any skill in the game
  • skills.cancels.<skill ID> - use this key to declare skills that shouldn't appear together

Skill NodesEdit

These define the skills in judgment, including starting skills and skills that can be selected when survivors level up.

See Modding: Skill Nodes for more information.

Cancel KeysEdit

Use these keys to define which skills shouldn't be generated as starting skills with other skills.


skills.cancels.<Skill ID>=<Skill ID>,<Skill ID>,<Skill ID>...

A single skill may cancel several other skills, using comma as a delimeter. 

For example, the "hippie" skill should not appear together with "soldier" or "ex-cop"