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Modding Status Effects Edit

Status effects are defined in the StatusEffects.txt file.

Status effects are bonuses or penalties that are applied in combat, mainly through Combat Abilities.

Note: Every status effect must have a display name defined in the localization file Texts.txt using the following format:

See Modding: Combat Abilities for more information on defining when status effects are applied, and their duration.

Status Effect Icon Edit

Every status effect must define an icon that is displayed above characters that have this effect:


These icons are displayed in a vary small area, and are normally 64x64 pixels.

In most cases you should use the pre-defined icons, "statuseffect_negative" and "statuseffect_positive".

See Modding: Adding Images to Mods for more information on how to add new images.

Status Effect bonuses/penalties Edit

A status effect's bonuses and penalties are defined using the following format:


In the example above, the "hex" status effect reduces a unit's accuracy by 50%, and it's attack speed by 50%.

All values are multipliers that are applied on the unity's base value, unless stated otherwise.

Values may be positive or negative.

Status Effect Possible Values
Stat ID Description Comments
accuracy Accuracy of attacks
evade Evading enemy attacks
attackspeed Rate of attacks
defense Armor This is an absolute value, so a value of 2 will add 2 to the unit's armor
damage Damage dealt per hit
damagereceived Multiplier on damage received after armor calculations.
walkspeed Movement speed
vision Vision range This is defined in absolute numbers.

A value of 1 means +1 tile.

armorpierce Ignore this amount of the target's armor.
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