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Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation Wikia

This article is updated for Alpha 12.

Steam Workshop[]

Mods may be uploaded to our Steam Workshop Webpage, where players can see and subscribe to uploaded mods.

Uploading mods[]

Mods may be uploaded to Steam Workshop using our mod upload tool. The tool becomes available in the mods window of the game, if you followed the instructions in the Modding Guide. To open the tools click the "Modify/Upload" button.

How to Upload your Mod[]

Once your mod is ready and you tested it thoroughly, it may be time to upload to Steam Workshop. Follow these steps in the mod upload tool:

  1. Select your mod from the drop down at the top of the tool.
  2. Enter a title and description for the mod.
  3. Enter a list of comma separated tags for the mod.
  4. Enter the name you want to appear as creator. This only affects the name that appears in the mod list within Judgment. The creator name that appears on the Steam Workshop Webpage will be your steam profile name.
  5. Select required visibility from the drop-down
    1. Only you and the Judgment team will see the "private" mods.
    2. Only you, the Judgment team, and your friends will see the mods marked "friends".
    3. Everyone with access to Steam Workshop will see the mods marked "public".
  6. Make sure you added a preview image (named preview.png) to the main folder of your mod.

Note: this image should not be added to the Sprites folder of your mod.

  1. Click the "Upload" button.
  2. Enter your change notes, and click "Upload" again. This will create a new mod on Steam Workshop, if it's the first time you upload the mod, otherwise it will update the existing mod.

How to Download Mods[]

To download mods, simply visit the Steam Workshop Webpage and Subscribe to the mod you want installed. The steam client will automatically download and update all mods you are subscribed to, and they will become available when you launch the game.

Note: If a subscribed mod is not available when you launch the game, it may still be downloading. Wait a few moments, then restart the game.

Note: If you subscribed to your own mod, and still have a local copy in the Mods folder, the local copy takes precedence. When you enable the mod in the game, it will use the local copy and not the one downloaded from Steam. In order to test your mod from the workshop page, make a backup of your local mod and delete it's folder.