This article is updated for Update 15.

See Modding: Backwards Compatibility for info on changes from previous alpha version.

This guide will teach you how to create mods for Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation.

Current state of modding Edit

The following can be modded in Alpha 9:

  • Items & Equipment
  • Crafting
  • Research
  • Skills
  • Professions
  • Scavenge locations & loot
  • World Map Generator
  • Texts & Localization
  • Food Types
  • Combat Abilities
  • Enemies & loot drop

Steam Workshop integration is available.

Basic concept Edit

Much of Judgment's game mechanics are controlled by external data files. Mods are created by creating additional copies of these data files, which add, remove or modify elements from the built-in versions. These files are then placed inside a mod folder, together with any media files such as image files.

Read more about the Mod File Structure

For your convenience, a copy of the original configuration files is provided in the "OriginalConfigs" folder in the "Mods" directory. These files are for reference only, and modifying them will have no effect on the game.

Getting Started Edit

  1. Start by creating a new folder for your mod, within the "Mods" folder. The "Mods" folder is located in the game's install directory.
  2. Within your mod folder, create the configuration file ModConfig.json, and define your mod's characteristics. If you copied one from the Aliens sample mod, make sure to remove the underscore at the beginning of the file name. It was added so the mod won't appear to players by default.
  3. Check the data files in the "OriginalConfig" folder in the "Mods" directory, and determine which of the built-in files you wish to modify or add to (do not change files directly in the OriginalConfig folder, these are just for reference and changing them will not affect the game).
  4. Create new data files with the new data or modify the built-in data. Place these data files in your mod's folder. (Be sure to read about the Mod File Structure on how to add or modify to the built-in data files)
  5. Run Judgment, click the "Mods" button in the main menu, and enable your mod. Test it thoroughly.
  6. Upload your mod to Steam Workshop so other players can access it.

Guides Edit

To create a community translation mod, check out Creating a Translation Mod - Step by Step.

These are the main guides that will help you modify different parts of the game. Additional guides are linked from within them, as necessary.

Debugging Mods Edit

Many invalid configurations will cause the game to end as soon as it starts. The best way to debug is look for errors in the game log, located in the judgment_Data folder in the install directory.

Additional validation tools may be added in future updates.

Example Edit

Bundled in the game, inside the Mods folder, there is a small demo mod that adds Aliens to Judgment. This mod adds alien resource, grenades, an alien blaster, an alien research tree and a crashed alien ship scavenge location.