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Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation Wikia

Originally a power tool to install hardwood floors and fix house furniture, this appliance can be deadly when used as a weapon.

A nailgun is considered to be both a Pistol and a Tool Weapon. It can enjoy all modifiers and bonuses from both skill trees, making it a potentially very deadly weapon.

Name Nail Down
Active Target suffers -70% Walk Speed
Range 8
Duration 10
Uses 2

In Judgment, a nailgun is a Tier II weapon that Survivors can craft and use in combat.


  • The Nailgun offers decent damage per shot and a reasonable attack speed, but it's not a very accurate firearm.
  • In the hands of an Artisan, a nailgun can be extremely powerful, as the only profession that has both the Pistol and Tool Weapon skill trees. Maximize both to gain stacking bonuses to damage, accuracy and attack speed.