Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation Wikia

Olympic Bows, originally designed for athletes and competitions, are now a weapon humans use to defend from hell. These bows' superior makes put them among the best bows in the game - improving on others in fire rate, range, and accuracy. A single Olympic Bow can greatly strengthen your task force and enable you to take on higher tier enemies.

Name Focused Shot
Active Target suffers 20 points of damage
Range 15
Uses 1

In Judgment, Olympic Bows are a rare Tier I weapon that Survivors can find in world map locations and use in combat.


  • The increase in fire rate, accuracy, and range more than doubles the total stopping power of the Olympic Bow versus a standard bow.
  • Note that the Olympic Bow damage per shot is still the same - meaning it won't be as effective against well-armored enemies.
  • Use the Focused Shot to take down an enemy being they can get close to your party.
  • Olympic bows cannot be crafted - but they're out there.