Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation Wikia

The result of the blessed merger of our best scientific and occult knowledge, the Plasma Charger uses arcane fields to channel a concentrated beam of plasma. Without the occult techniques, no material known to us could have withstood the terrifying energies of this device.

The Plasma Charger, along with its cousin the Damnator, are both the first weapons in the game considered to be both an occult and a tech weapon. They require the survivor has EITHER the Rare Tech Weapons Skill or the Rare Occult Weapons Skill.

In addition, the Damnator enjoys bonuses and modifiers from both the Holy Weapons and Tech Weapons skill trees.

Name Transmuting Attack
On Hit -25% Armor
Duration 9

This is an exceptionally unwieldy weapon - as such, it reduces a survivor's Walk Speed and Evasion by 20%.

In Judgment, the Plasma Charger is a Tier V weapon that Survivors can craft and use in combat.


  • In the hands of the Defender, the Plasma Charger can be especially dangerous, as it is the only profession that can specialize in both Holy Weapons and Tech Weapons. Maximize both to gain stacking bonuses to damage, accuracy and attack speed.
  • Along with the Bazooka, the Plasma Charger does 140 points of damage - more than any other weapon in the game. It is strong enough to kill most tier IV and lower demons with a single shot.
  • It will 1-shot a Belial without any bonuses and 1-shot a Demogorgon with +23% damage bonus. Damage above that will most likely go to waste, as only Shedim and Legion has more health than that.
  • The character AI isn't good enough to make a good use of this weapon and will waste lots of damage to overkill. If you don't want to bother manually selecting targets every shot, Beam Cannon is better in most aspects.