Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation Wikia

Mere months before the Apocalypse, the most advanced R&D firms were experimenting with the storage of highly charged ionized plasma as an alternative to super-capacitors. The research was still in its infancy due to the exurbibnent production costs of the new 'plasma packs', as they were known to be called.

Plasma Packs can be used to craft the most advanced tech gear in the game, such as the Beam Cannon.

In Judgment, a plasma pack is a Tier V scavenge resource.


  • Plasma Packs can only be found in Tier V locations, deep in the heart of suitable biomes. That means the Arctic Mine, found in the Tundra biome (where you can also find Permafrost), and the Tech Firm, found in high-end Cityscape biomes (where you can obtain Research Chips).