Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation Wikia

Resources are the materials and ingredients needed for building objects or for crafting items, weapons and food. Survivors can find raw materials by working on different tasks from either: natural sources (mines, debris, trees...) or working buildings like the wheat farm. More complex materials such as boards or weapon parts need to be crafted at the relevant work station, and some materials can only be obtained as mission loot, such as ectoplasm.

Raw Materials[]

Raw Materials are resources that players can harvest from nodes on the base map, produce from buildings such as farms and mines, or find during scavenge missions. These resources are then used to craft Manufactured Materials items at various work stations

In most cases the player has the ability to replenish nodes by various means, such as planting trees or using the Geologist Station.

Name Tier
Dead Body
Drinking Water 0
Wood 0
Clay 0
Stone 0
Vegetables 0
Wheat I
Wool I
Herbs II
Metals II
Minerals III
Aluminum IV
Diamonds IV
Aloe IV
Phosphorus V
Blood Ruby V
Cotton V

Manufactured Materials[]

One step above Raw Materials you can find Manufactured Materials, resources that can only, or primarily, be crafted by various work stations that can be built in your base. Sometimes these resources can be traded or found in various locations as salvage, but mostly you will need to create these materials yourself.

Name Tier
Arrows 0
Boards I
Bricks I
Alcohol II
Weapon parts II
Gunpowder II
Cloth II
Holy water II
Composites III
Arcane Scrolls III
Prima Materia III
Acid IV
Titanium IV
Glass IV
Batteries IV
Optics Cable V
Nitro V
Silicon V

Scavenge Materials[]

Scavenge Materials, as their name suggests, are resources that cannot be gathered or crafted at all. Instead these materials can only be found in the wide game world, either by slaughtering certain demons or by conducting scavenging missions in specific locations that are rich with this material.

Name Tier
Sulfur 0
Hides I
Ectoplasm I
Resin I
Demonite II
Copper II
Mystic Vines II
Holy Words III
Aether III
Obsidian III
Demon Scales IV
Quartz IV
Permafrost V
Hell's Essence V
Plasma Pack V

Research Materials[]

Research Materials are both rare and critical items required for unlocking higher tiers of research. Without them your survivors research and tech level will quickly fall behind the difficulty level of the demons they will be facing, leaving them with an even greater challenge to survive! Research Materials can be traded, at great cost, or acquired from scavenge missions usually within schools, hospitals, tech firms or data centres. These missions tend to be quite challenging for the tier of tech currently available.

Name Tier
Research Point
Occult Research
Research Materials II
Research Kit III
Research Data IV
Research Chip V