Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation Wikia

Rituals are powerful spells - they can reshape the world and potentially turn the tide against you. Rituals are the way your survivors can safely harness and master arcane energies. Your people will never be wizards or warlocks, hurling lightning bolts and fireballs at your enemies. Instead, magic is challenged safely, over time, using well-practiced methods.

Every ritual requires a magical focus of sorts - a dedicated building, an object. To cast the ritual, the player must select the relevant magical focus.

Rituals also have material costs, resources that are spent and sacrificed during the casting of the spell. To cast the ritual, the player must have the necessary resources. Finally, spells take time to cast - every ritual has a certain 'cast time'. While every survivor, even those without any magical aptitude, can cast rituals, they are often time-consuming - and a relevant skill is very helpful.

Important: It is important to remember rituals are not to be cast lightly. They are meant to only be used in specific situations where they are needed. Rituals do not tend to be performance efficient - therefore, using them consistently well tend to burn more resources than they provide.

Magic Circle[]

The Magic Circle is the first magical focus object the player can build. It is unlocked by the very first tech in the Rituals Occult Research tech branch.

Name Cost Cast Time Duration Effect
Growth Ritual Wheat: 30 840 - Spawn a few dozen trees across the map.
Lucky Bounty Stones: 15, Clay: 15 600 720 Double Scavenge Chance +10%
Rain Dance Sulfur: 5, Water: 10, Wood: 10 500 720 +50% to Farm Growth Speeds, -50% to Farm Tending Needs

Arcane Foundry[]

The Arcane Foundry is one of the first magical focus objects that the player can build. It is still considered tier I, despite being more advanced than the Magic Circle. However, some rituals cast at the Arcane Foundry are a much higher tier.

Name Cost Cast Time Duration Effect
Logistics Ritual Sulfur: 5, Boards: 10 600 720 +20% to all task-forces movement speed on the World Map
Far Sight Metals: 10, Wood: 10, Sulfur: 5 600 720 +1 to vision range of all task forces on the World Map
Eagle Eye Metals: 20, Arrows: 20, Ectoplasm: 5 900 720 +15% Accuracy
Concentration Ritual Wheat: 20, Hides: 5 800 720 +40% to Both research speeds
Locate Survivors Holy Water: 3, Demonite: 8, Ectoplasm: 10 2000 - Immediately trigger a rescue mission

Dark and Holy Altars[]

At Tier III, you gain access to two of the most important magical focus in the game - the Dark and Holy altars. They offer a range of thematic rituals that can help protect your base, heal your soldiers, boost your economy and give you some reprieve if you are losing out on key resources.

Holy Altar

Name Cost Cast Time Duration Effect
Repel Evil Holy Water: 2, Herbs: 10, Holy Words: 2 1600 1440 -25% Awareness Generation
Divine Inspiration Holy Water: 2, Wheat: 12, Metals: 10 1200 960 +100% Work Speed
Divine Healing Holy Water: 3, Herbs: 10, Wheat: 10 1000 960 +200% Natural Healing Speed
Defensive Aura Holy Water: 2, Ectoplasm: 5 1600 2880 -20% Enemy Attack Strength
Evasive Aura Wool: 8, Ectoplasm: 2, Water: 20 720 1440 -50% Map Event Chance

Dark Altar[]

Name Cost Cast Time Duration Effect
Soul Harness Sulfur: 10, Demonite: 3, Wheat: 15 720 960 -30% Hunger Rate
Demon Stamina Sulfur: 10, Demonite: 5, Wheat: 25 620 960 Survivors will not get tired
Summon Imps Wheat: 15, Vegetables: 10 350 - Summon Imps
Summon Ghosts Sulfur: 10, Water: 12 500 - Summon Ghosts
Mutate Soul Sulfur: 10, Demonite: 5, Minerals: 20 1200 - Randomize a Survivor stats, skills, and profession


Unlocked at Tier IV, the Reliquary allows you to cast the most powerful end-game rituals in Judgment. Those rituals focus almost exclusively on group buffs that are highly effective in combat and they tend to be quite expensive.

Name Cost Cast Time Duration Effect
Rally Glass: 5, Aloe Vera: 10, Diamonds: 10 3200 1440 +15% Experience Gain Rate
Blessing of the Saints Blood Ruby: 15, Silicon: 4, Plasma Pack: 2 3500 3600 +12% Holy Weapons Damage, -12% Dark Weapons Damage
Petition Dark Spirits Blood Ruby: 15, Nitrocellulose: 2, Hell's Essence: 2 3500 3600 +12% Dark Weapons Damage, -12% Holy Weapons Damage
Infuse Soul Crystal Diamonds: 25, Glass 8, Demon Scales: 8 6000 - Create a powerful consumable, protecting a survivor from death.

Stone Circle[]

An off-shoot of the main Rituals research tree in Tier IV, the Stone Circle unlocks a few rituals that are focused specifically on making life better for you in your home base.

Name Cost Cast Time Duration Effect
Heal the Land Acid: 10, Aloe Vera: 25, Diamonds: 15 10000 - Improve relations with all your neighbors
Rune of Protection Arcane Scrolls: 10, Diamonds: 20, Titanium: 10 8000 - Allows you to place one Rune of Protection
Rune of Power Arcane Scrolls: 10, Batteries: 10 8000 - Allows you to place one Rune of Power