The Shedim is less of a type of demon than a title - a warlord of Hell, one that in the past dealt directly with humans, that collected sacrifice and tribute and souls in the name of Hell. Now, as the armies of Hell walk across Earth, the Shedim are the generals - their very presence filling all demons around them with frenzy and bloodlust.

Frenzy: All demons at range 2 from the Shedim will become Frenzied. They gain an additional boost of +15% to Walk Speed and +10% to Attack Speed, as long as they are in range.

In Judgment, a Shedim is a Tier V enemy who can be found in map locations or take part in base attacks.

Tips Edit

  • The Shedim is one of the most powerful demons in the game.
  • With a single strike, the Shedim does more damage than any other demon in the game. For that reason, armor is relatively less effective against it.
  • The Shedim health and armor are second only to the Legion, while still offering a rather high level of Evasion.
  • The only weakness of the Shedim is its relatively slow Walk Speed and attack range. Try to pick it off from afar as soon as you can - the presence of the Shedim will inspire the surrounding demons and will make them a lot more dangerous.
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