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Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation Wikia

A Sledgehammer is basically a hammer with an extremely large metallic head, making them devastating melee weapons that can easily crack through the toughest armors.

The sledgehammer requires the Rare Tool Weapons Skill. It is considered both a Tool Weapon and a Melee Weapon, allowing it to gain bonuses from both skill trees.

Name Stunning Attack
On Hit -25% Evasion-20% Attack Speed
Duration 5

In Judgment, a sledgehammer is a Tier III weapon that Survivors can find in world locations and use in combat.


  • With 64 damage per hit, few other weapons can compete with a single blow of a sledgehammer, that can kill many lesser demons.
  • The Stunning Attack makes the sledgehammer a highly effective weapon for melee tanks against powerful single enemies.
  • While no profession has both the Melee and Tool Weapon skill trees, this combination makes the Sledgehammer a highly versatile weapon.