The basic Sniper Rifle is a long range, slow firing weapon used to counter ranged enemies and heavily armored targets.

This is the first weapon in the line of Sniper Rifles that survivors can use. Like all others, it requires the Sniper Rifles Skill to equip. It is considered as a Rifle for the purposes of modifiers and damage bonuses.

This is an exceptionally unwieldy weapon - as such, it reduces a survivor's Walk Speed and Evasion by 20%.

In Judgment, sniper rifles are a Tier III weapon that Survivors can craft and use in combat.

Tips Edit

  • Sniper Rifles are slow and powerful. Users should stay behind cover and avoid melee attackers.
  • Due to their low speed, snipers should always be coupled with fast firing weapons to address groups of small, fast enemies.
  • Beyond their exceptional range, the sniper rifle also grants +2 Vision Range. Use it well.