Survivors are the protagonist characters in Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation. At first, you only control a small group of three survivors; very soon you can save and recruit other people who survived the first demon attack. Every survivor is randomly generated, and later on, you can customize their appearance and names.

Statistics Edit

Survivors have three different stats: Health, Food, and Sleep. Health represents how much damage a character can sustain before dying.

Characters can lose health in combat or when suffering damage for other reasons, such as lack of sleep or hunger. Damage is divided into two categories: Temporary and Lasting Damage. Temporary damage is usually taken during battle and is recovered automatically at the end of every mission. Lasting damage, however, can only be healed by special means: either by the survivor sleeping in bed, or in a visit to the infirmary, which will require Medicine.

Food and Sleep are a measure of a survivor’s hunger and need of rest: when any of them reaches 0, a character will need to satisfy that need or start losing Health.

Professions Edit

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Every survivor has a profession that marks his or her specialty, preferred Tasks, and Skills tree. Those roughly correspond to the profession the survivor had before the Apocalypse, and can not be changed during the game. What professions a survivor has is random.

There are nine different professions:

  • Fighter
  • Engineer
  • Priest
  • Survivalist
  • Defender
  • Occultist
  • Scout
  • Academic
  • Artisan.

Experience Edit

Survivors can gain experience by different means: fighting, taking part in missions, working and training. Once a character gains a certain amount of experience, he or she gains a level and earns a Skill Point which they can use to picks a new Skill.

As of version 1.0, survivors can gain up to 10 levels of experience, giving 12 total skill points to spend - survivors gain an extra skill point when they reach level 5 and level 10.

Skills Edit

Skills are traits and perks that improve a survivor’s performance in a particular field, be it tasks, use of different weapons or various other bonuses. Characters gain skill points and invest them into one of eight skill trees. What skill trees are available to the survivor depend on the profession.