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Paracelsus was a famous alchemist who always carried his sword by his side. Despite low attack speed, its alchemical origin makes it a precise and damage-heavy weapon.

The sword gives a survivor a +8% to Evasion, making it a very useful weapon for tanks. In addition, it is considered a Sharp weapon and gains additional damage bonuses from any skill that effects sharp weapons.

Name Transmuting Attack
On Hit -25% armor
Duration 5

In Judgment, the sword is a Tier II weapon that Survivors can craft and use in combat.


  • The Sword Of Paracelsus has a very low rate of attack, but high accuracy and damage. This makes it a good early game armor-buster.
  • The combination of evasion bonus and armor reduction makes the Sword also a very useful front-line tank weapon.
  • You might want to couple it with good ranged weapons.
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