Within the game you can find random unique survivors when obtaining new survivors for your camp. One in particular is associated with a Secret Achievement.

These characters are homages to the series they are inspired from

Name Series associated with character Profession Unique Skill
Inara Firefly Artisan Companion
Michionne The Walking Dead Survivalist Survivor
John Constantine Occultist Exorcist
Leonard Star Trek (Original Series) Academic Medical Officer
Theon Game of Thrones Scout Betrayer
Doctor Doctor Who Engineer Doctor
Sam Supernatural Survivalist Hunter
Buffy Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fighter Slayer
Dave Defender Punching Bag
Oliver Green Arrow Survivalist Vigilante

Each Unique Skill held by each character contains major benefits and drawbacks compared to other skills.

No known strategies exist for recruiting specific characters other than randomly acquiring them.

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