Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation Wikia

Vegetable Farms are the first type of farm you can build in Judgment. Vegetable farms supply you with a steady amount vegetables, an unprocessed food, which survivors can use to craft prepared food, like salad.

Farms have a "life cycle":

  • Planting - a single work cycle where a survivor sows the seeds.
  • Maturing - the farm's Maturity will steadily increase following planting from 0 to 100. The farm's Tending will steadily decrease from 100 to 0. Survivors will tend to the farm as required consuming water to reset Tending to 100. If Tending reaches 0 the farm's Maturity will stop increasing.
  • Harvesting - once Maturity reaches 100 a survivor can harvest the crops for resources, in this case, vegetables.

This same life cycle occurs, with some variance, among all farm types. However, different farms will yield different resources, for example a wheat farm will provide you with wheat for bread.

Vegetable farms are an outdoors Object in Judgment.


  • You need at least 1 farm, constantly tended, to feed 3 survivors.
  • Survivors tend to farm automatically, but some are better at farming than others.
  • Other farms might be more efficient than vegetable farms.